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Ride BMX? Try short arms

Many riders would agree, that short crank arms provide a better feeling with your bike, and maybe even allow you to perform tricks you've previously haven't been capable of doing. Larger riders are often stoked about shorter cranks since the chances of hitting your pegs with your feet are lowered.

The Segment Crank is designed with a(n)

  • 3-piece system.
  • short 160mm crank arms.
  • internal wedge system for easy installation and removal.
  • rectangular shaped heat-treated Chromoly crank arms.
  • 22mm hollow Chromoly spindle.
  • multi-hand drive - compatible with both left and right-hand drive.

A short crank might be good if you

  • often end up hitting your pegs with your feet.
  • want a more responsive and natural feeling when riding.
  • struggle with catching your whips (also easier with the rectangular shape).
  • want spins to feel a bit quicker (like 360 and full cabs).

Model specifications

ModelDriver sideCrank Axle DiameterSprocket mountingWeightPedal axle diameter
160mmLeft, Right22mmBolt Drive, Spline Drive33.69oz9/16"
165mmLeft, Right22mmBolt Drive, Spline Drive33.69oz9/16"
170mmLeft, Right22mmBolt Drive, Spline Drive33.69oz9/16"


Crank material:
Chromoly Steel
Crank Arm Design:

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